Polygon Design Studio

Polygon Design Studio" was founded in July 2004 by Interior Designer Vinay Ranpuria and Architect Chetan Jadav, both highly visionaries in the field of architecture and Interior Design. Our well-merited reputation is seen in the number of successful projects we have completed down the years.

Professional team led by principal or associate handles each "Polygon Design Studio" project. Close contact with the client is maintained at all times. This true partnership approach instills confidence, builds trust and ensures that the project proceeds smoothly in a timely manner. And, because client gets the personal attention, its the client, who profits by our project discipline.

We have an Integrated Management Process and a Structured Organization for decision-making, capable of handling the most complex projects of any magnitude. "Polygon Design Studio" is energetic, vital, creative and genuinely friendly. It shows in our design and on the faces of our team players. Every day.